Jacqueline Quaid 

Trace Edward Zaber

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Mia Cherish
T D McKinney

Many shades of romance




The Garden House

by Jacqueline Quaid & Mia Cherish


Passion for an intriguing vampiress bloom in the heart of an innocent young co-ed.


Clancy Rosabel had no intention of following her sorority president’s order to steal flowers from Leonor Griffin’s exquisite courtyard in the Garden District.  Everyone knew Leonor was the legendary Belle Madame, a vampiress as well-known for her seductive effect as her intolerance of “bad elements.”  No indeed.  Clancy would march right up to Lea’s courtyard and ask for the flowers instead!

The price of the flowers is a vampire’s kiss.

Lea Griffin found the innocent underdressed woman tugging at her garden gates appealing but she never imagined initiating Clancy into feminine sensuality and vampire love would leave her body and her fangs eager for so much more.  Her feelings grow possessive as she seduces Clancy further into her own world.  But she must be careful not to take more from Clancy than she can reasonably expect such a young mortal to provide.  Is she ready to embrace Clancy fully and look forward to lasting love, or will she keep the girl as a pretty pet in her garden house?






Jacqueline Quaid


Jacqueline Quaid is the pen name of an EPPIE finalist who doesn't want to have to explain all this to her grandmother-in-law.

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